My Take

First and foremost, I believe writing must communicate. I specialize in a beautiful, clear, no-nonsense style. I hate jargon. I love new ideas, and I leap for joy when I encounter language that is both beautiful and precise. Business writing, in particular, is often either dull and boilerplate or as empty as it is ostentatious. Both approaches miss the point.

Good writing is laser-focused, purposeful, and uniquely suited to the task at hand. Your business is unique. The writing that represents your business should also be unique. To read more about my point of view, visit my blog at

If you’ve got a project that could use a writer’s hand, I’d love to help. I take on both big and small projects at many different phases of the writing process.


Writing and Editing Services

Here’s a guide for understanding what kind of services you might need:

Research and Writing

This service encompasses the entire writing process, turning small ideas into polished pieces. I’d be happy to take your concepts for short copy, blog posts, articles, or manuals, research them, and provide you with a finished work.

Content Editing

If you have projects that need a significant overhaul, I can provide extensive rewrites and prepare them to publish. The best content editing maintains your original vision for each piece while shaping the text to reach its readers as effectively as possible. I'm happy to reshape your business writing to suit the vision and character of your company.

Copy Editing

If most of your text is already researched and written, a skilled hand can smooth it the rough spots and make it shine. The rewrites are usually less extensive than content editing, but stylistic revisions make a substantial difference in the project’s effectiveness.


If your text is very nearly complete and you want to make sure that it is error-free, I'd be glad to proofread it. Even the most seasoned writers need proofreading support.

Developmental Editing

If you've got a longer article or book-length project in mind, I'd love to help you as a developmental editor. At this stage, you may have only a collection of ideas that seem scrambled and vague, but you feel sure there is a beautiful book or long article to be written. Through developmental editing, I can help you focus your ideas, write an abstract, and outline your piece. This process is a great way get a project going.

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