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Clojure and Clojurescript are increasingly being adopted by large companies and small startups alike. This is no surprise to us! We've been using Clojure for 3+ years and see a long future ahead.

We find Clojure to be the right tool for many jobs, and we seek out opportunities to use our Clojure skillset.

Need some direction and training? Let us help get your team up and running on Clojure.

Have more Clojure work than your team can handle and need an experienced developer to jump on your fast-moving ship? Email us!

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Clojure Open Source

We like to give back to the developer community when we can. Below are open source Clojure libraries born out of some of our projects.

HugSQL is a Clojure library for embracing SQL. It provides a clean separation between SQL and Clojure code in your project and supports replacement of parameter placeholders for SQL value parameters, SQL identifiers, and SQL keywords.

pgqueue is a Clojure durable queue implementation on top of Postgresql using Postgresql's advisory locks. It is a middle-ground queueing solution between file-based durable queues and larger queue/messaging servers. If you are already using Postgresql for your database and don't need a heavy-load queueing solution, pgqueue might be the right fit.